Brigitte Perreault
Founder | Editor-In-Chief
IGNYTE Magazine

The concept of our global and digital publication was created with the goal of providing educational articles that inspire readers to ‘get involved’.  We call attention to global issues that impact our daily lives--while showcasing remarkable entrepreneurs and vanguards on the forefront of social and environmental movements and causes. Our purpose is to create meaningful exchanges between cause-conscious individuals and their communities, socially responsible corporations and nonprofits, institutional and global organizations--all striving to make this a better world. Our publication is digital only, therefore ‘green’.

The digital tools provided through the pages of our publication allow readers to sign a petition, donate to a cause, watch a trailer or a movie, start a campaign, share the articles, and engage via social media and other links.

Each month, a Woman or a Man with a Cause – and their remarkable work - is featured and the tools to engage with their respective cause are provided. Readers may sign a petition, donate, watch a video/trailer, buy products and/or become an advocate. The publication also includes articles about NeuroConservancy, NeuroScience, Environment, Epigenetics, Global Futurism, Homeopathy, Art, World Music, Films and other social interests.  We currently have a team of 12 contributors.

By telling compelling stories that create meaningful exchanges — IGNYTE Magazine sees itself as a “Change-Agent” for advocacy and activism. There are no other publications like ours, and we continue to receive extremely positive feedback from our readers.  To promote the publication, we use social media and promote via targeted groups.

PERREAULT Magazine has become an international partner of several non-profit organizations  worldwide and is a supporter of global causes. We have published articles about Water. Org (Matt Damon & Gary White), Conservation International (with Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford, Penelope Cruz, Robert Redford, etc.), NotForSaleCampaign (ModernSlavery-Sex Trafficking), Dame Sheldrick (Elephant Crisis), GMF Foundation (Empowering African Women & Children), and many more.

Brigitte Perreault has been recognized for her role in working
with world-class Artists from US and other countries.
Art Curator and Founder of Humanitarian Art Project and Perreault Exhibitions, she has also been devoting her time
and efforts on humanitarian causes for over a decade
[Worldwide Who's Who].

These causes include victims of torture, refugees, women and girls trafficking.

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